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Wings of Rogallo - New Logo




The New W.O.R. Logo Designs

Click on a Logo thumbnail to open a new browser page with a larger image.

At the last W.O.R. Meeting logo option "C" of the new WOR Logo designs received a substantial
majority in a show-of-hands vote taken after printouts of the various options were displayed
during the meeting. A decision was taken to present this option on a new web page, showing
some of the different formats in which it may appear on club stationary or awards, before
taking a second vote to ratify the adoption of this logo. The images above show the logo :
(1): designed,
(2): ...with a 'watermark' swoosh, and
(3): ...rendered in monochrome.

At the next W.O.R. meeting on Tuesday, May 21 a vote will be taken to ratify the adoption of
this logo and its various formats as the new W.O.R. Logo. Please attend and cast your vote.